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Crandon International Updates Race Team Pit Regulations For World Championship/World Cup Weekend

CRANDON, Wisconsin (August 16, 2021) — With preparations underway for hosting our  massive 52nd Crandon World Championship Off-Road Races and 6th Crandon World Cup, Crandon International Raceway has posted an updated set of racer regulations designed to increase the safety of the event for all participants and fans. With success comes the equal pressure of growing pains. The upcoming 52nd Polaris Crandon World Championship will likely host the largest field of race teams in our history.

The new regulations will take place immediately, and will be monitored as much as possible throughout the upcoming Labor Day weekend. As is Crandon tradition, we welcome one and all, but in order to provide a safer and more professional show at Crandon, we ask that you and your team review all of the following regulations before arriving for Labor Day weekend.


Updated General Pit Regulations:

  • Access gates for competitors in the Pro Pits (asphalt) will be officially opened at 8:00am on Wednesday, September 1st  for move in. Teams arriving early may park in the gravel lots next to the main barn or in the day parking lot. All Pro teams must access the track through the main gates on Highway 8, not via the entrance to Camp Crandon/back gate. No exceptions!
  • Access gates for competitors in the Racer/Ultra4 Pits (grass) will be officially opened at 12:00pm (noon) on Wednesday, September 1st  for move in. All Racer/Ultra4 teams must access the track through the the entrance to Camp Crandon/back gate. No exceptions!
  • All race team support vehicles (trailers, RV, haulers etc.) must be moved off the Crandon Pro Pit areas no later than Friday, August 20th.
  • No pressure washing is allowed in any pit area!  All vehicles must use the new Champion Power Wash Station located near entrance to Crandon Off-Road Park (follow signage). The old pressure washing location has been removed from service.
  • No unofficial scissor or boom lifts are allow on the premises at any time.
  • Race teams must remove all used tires and body panels before event departure. Those failing to do so are subject to a $250 fine and forfeiture of team’s designated pit reservation for 2022 season.
  • Absolutely no pets or animals are allowed in any spectator area. Pets and animals must be tied, caged, or otherwise secured in the camping area and supervised at all times.
  • Race teams are only allowed to sell team merchandise out of their pit spots only. No event or sponsorship merchandise is allowed at any time.
  • Excessively loud music is not allowed! Quiet time in all pits and campsites is from midnight to 6:00 am.
  • No non-sanctioned testing of race vehicles is allowed within any area of Crandon International property.
  • Absolutely no private drones of any kind are allowed to be flown at any time.
  • Operating any device that makes unnecessary noise is prohibited.
  • Please place all garbage in the containers provided at each campsite. Keep your area clean!
  • Bonfires and digging of fire pits are not allowed. Cooking fires are allowed but must be controlled and no larger in diameter than a burn barrel.
  • Please do not throw bottles, cans, furniture, or other foreign objects into your campfire. Fires are never to be left unattended at any time!
  • Fireworks of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • Racer grass camps are to be set-up in assigned campsites only. Each campsite will be laid out and identified with campsite markers placed on the EAST (trackside) corner of each site. Set up your campsite to the WEST of the marker.


New Team Support Vehicles:

  • Race teams will be allowed a maximum of two vehicles (golf carts, ATVs, UTVs or scooters) in their pits. Absolutely none of these vehicles are allowed in spectator areas or spectator camping! Operators must be 16 or older to operate any of these vehicles. No exceptions.
  • Failure to adhere to any of the above regulations will result in all support vehicles being impounded by Crandon security until immediately after the last race on Sunday. Excessive abuse of these rules may result in a $250 fine to release vehicle from impound area.
  • All additional vehicles (cars and trucks) that do not fit into designated pit areas must park in Crandon’s Day Parking area (only a $5.00 per day cost).
  • All support and pit vehicles must fit completely in your pit space. No vehicle may block access or fire roads in any manner. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in immediate towing at owner’s expense.
  • All spotters must use the hot pit lane to access the FCP Turn 1 spotter’s area. All spotter’s vehicles must park at the base of the spotter’s stand. No vehicles will be allowed in the pit areas or along the pit fence. All spotter’s vehicles must be moved after each spotter’s duty is over.


New Asphalt Pro Pit Regulations:

  • All body panels must be cleaned in large farm-style containers only!  No mud or dirt can intentionally be dumped on asphalt areas in pits or in fire/access lanes until after the event.
  • All tracker trailers and primary pit trailers must be parked parallel to each pit’s designated lines. No parking of these vehicles can be done in a diagonal manner. All teams violating this rule will be required to correct this violation even after awnings and other pit materials are in place.
  • Track officials. security personnel or law enforcement will remove violators of the above rules, regulations, or local laws from the facility. In addition, entry wristbands will be confiscated. Once guests in violation of the above rules are ejected, they cannot return. Absolutely no refunds will be granted to anyone ejected from the premises. There are NO exceptions.