Must Read and Sign Below to Complete Application


Thank you for your interest in Crandon International Raceway. Our goal is to make your job covering Crandon events as easy and safe as possible. That said, here are the rules:


  • Media credentials are issued free of charge to working media from recognized news outlets and those on assignment from series sponsors only.
  • All racer or team media credentials must be submitted with a clear explanation of coverage plans within two weeks of any Crandon event.
  • All outside commercial productions including social media videos must be approved prior to any Crandon event. Commercial content applications can be found here (link).
  • Standard media credential applications must be submitted within one week of any Crandon event. There are a limited number of credentials available, so you are encouraged to apply early. Submitting an application does not guarantee a credential will be issued. Credentials will not be issued to anyone under 18 years of age.
  • Applications will be evaluated before every event.
  • Failure to adhere to the Crandon Credential Requirements (as outlined above) will result in credential applications being denied for future Crandon events.
  • All credentials are non-transferable. Any unauthorized use will subject the bearer to removal from the premises and confiscation of the credential. Failure to follow the regulations set forth in this document will also be grounds for permanent loss of credentials and removal from the premises.
  • Crandon International Raceway reserves the right to deny or revoke the credentials of anyone who, in our opinion, has a purpose other than covering events as members of the working media. Any credential holder found to be acting in an unsafe or unprofessional manner will have credentials revoked and be asked to leave the premises immediately.


Once your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation notice by email containing details regarding track directions, registration location and hours, and MANDATORY safety briefing times. You must check in at the Crandon office (Yokohama Tire VIP barn) and present a photo ID to pick up your credential/wristband to gain access as a media professional.

  • Media vests for those with trackside access will be issued at the racetrack during media registration or official safety meeting. Crandon International Raceway reserves the right to charge a refundable deposit or obtain a government issued I.D. on all media vests.
  • All media vests can only be used by the officially credentialed media guest and are not transferrable at any time. The lending of any vests will result in loss of Crandon credentials
  • *** A fee of $50.00 will be charged for any vest that is not returned.


  • Closed shoes with closed heels and toes are required for access to all hot pits and on-track areas. Shorts are allowed in all areas, but pants are strongly recommended.
  • Photographers/Videographers must wear their issued media vest and credential at all times.
  • Please respect that our racetracks are professional working environments for other media members, drivers, and officials. Professional behavior and courtesy are expected at all times. You may not interfere with, or impede any spectators, drivers, officials, other media personnel, the taping of the event, or the conduct of the event.
  • Media professionals will only be allowed in designated media zones around the racetrack according to the credential provided by the track. These zones will be discussed in the safety briefing, and a designated member of the Crandon International staff will strictly enforce this policy.
  • Short course racing can be dangerous. Media professionals must remain aware of their surroundings and obey all directives given by track officials. Never turn your back to the racing vehicles. In the event of an accident, please refrain from shooting so as not to get in the way of technical staff and safety crew.
  • Failure to follow any or all safety protocols will be subject to loss of credentials.

Questions? Please direct all comments, suggestions or inquires directly to