First Annual Lucas Oil Crandon Legends Poker Run

Presented by Polaris

September 2, 2021

Welcome to the first ever Lucas Oil Crandon Legends Poker Run presented by Polaris. This is a fun run (not a race) to see some of the great UTV/ATV trails that surround Crandon International Raceway. Here is everything you need to know:

Participating Racing Legends Include:

  • Curt LeDuc
  • Bryce Menzies
  • Keegan Kincaid
  • Andrew Carlson

Start Location: Crandon International Raceway (entry via “Day Parking” Gate)

End Location: Downtown Crandon near Town Square

Thursday, Sept 2nd, 2021

  • 11:00 AM – Registration Opens
  • 12:30 pm – Driver’s Meeting
  • 12:45 pm – Cars to Staging
  • 1:00 pm – Poker Run Begins
  • 4:00 pm – Poker Run Ends
  • 4:30 pm – Poker Run Final Hands
  • 5:00 pm – Winners Announced

Eligible Entries: Open to all UTV/SxS machines (not race cars)

Total Entries: 100 vehicles will be allowed to enter.

Donation:  $50.00 per vehicle that includes one (1) poker hand

$50.00 per additional poker hand up to six (6) per vehicle

Prize Package:

  • 1st Place (Highest Point Total on Scorecard)
    · $500.00 cash
  • 1st Place (Best Hand, Final Draw)
    · $500.00 cash
    · One (1) Lucas Oil Outdoor Prize Pack
    · One (1) Polaris Ogio Travel Bag
    · One (1) set of DOT Yokohama tires
    · One (1) set of Vision Wheels
  • 2nd Place (Second Best Hand, Final Draw)
    · One (1) Case of Lucas Oil SxS oil
    · One (1) Polaris Ratchet Strap Kit
    · One (1) $250 Gift Certificate for Rigid Industries lights
    · One (1) $200 Gift Certificate for Official Crandon Merchandise
  • 3rd Place (Third Best Hand, Final Draw)
    · One (1) case of Lucas Oil SxS oil
    · One (1) Polaris Ogio Duffle Bag
    · One (1) Horizon Hobby Granite 4×4 RC Truck


  • Checkpoint 1: Crandon International Raceway
  • Checkpoint 2: Secret Location
  • Checkpoint 3: Secret Location
  • Checkpoint 4: Secret Location
  • Checkpoint 5: Downtown Crandon


  • Participants will be split into four groups: Gold, Red, White, Blue
  • Groups will be determined by official online registration times. First come, first entered. Gold group is first, then red, then white and finally blue group
  • Each group will be led by at least one (1) lead vehicle. Lead vehicles will be clearly marked.
  • All entrants will be assigned number within group. For example, the 12th entrant will be G12, the 23rd entrant will be G23 etc. When the Gold group is full the next group will R1 – R25 etc.
  • All entrants must remain in their assigned groups from lowest to highest number throughout the Poker Run!
  • All entrants will receive one (1) poker hand per entry. Each additional hand will cost an additional $50.00 with a maximum of six (6) hands per entry.
  • Each participant will receive an official scorecard per hand.
  • At each checkpoint the scorecard holder will be asked to reach into a bag holding special gold, red, white and blue poker chips. Each chip will have a specific value:

Black: 20 points

Red: 15 points

White: 10 points

Blue: 5 points

  • These points will be marked on the official score card by a member of the Poker Run staff.
  • In order to participate in the final poker hands in downtown Crandon all five scorecard boxes must be marked. All participants must complete the complete Poker Run including all checkpoints.
  • Twenty (20) participants with the top scores as determined by the poker chip draw will be automatically entered in the Poker Run finals.
  • The participant with the highest score at the end of the Poker Run will be awarded a $500.00 cash prize. If there is a tie, the $500 award will be split evenly among the co-winners.
  • An additional ten (10) entrants will be drawn via official scorecards and entered in the Poker Run final.
  • Each of the thirty (30) Poker Run finalists will have the chance to have a poker hand dealt to them by an official Poker Run dealer. This will be done in groups of five (5) finalists. The winner of each round will move on to the next round.
  • The final six (6) participants will again be dealt one poker hand by the Poker Run dealer, with the top three (3) participant’s poker hands moving on to the final round.
  • The final three (3) winners will draw a final hand to determine first, second and third place. Any ties will result in additional hands until final winners are determined.

Poker Hand Hierarchy

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind
  • Two Pairs
  • Pair
  • High Card


Name Group # # of Hands
Chris Paulsen G1 1
Shann Sweeney G2 3
Jim Peters G3 2
Blake Enloe G4 1
Tom Shaw G5 1
Dave Holewinski G6 2
Tophat Boisvert G7 1
Tim Fleming G8 1
Walter Bullard G9 1
Dawn Hinton G10 1
Shannon Beyersdorf G11 2
Leland Thyes G12 2
Erik Thyes G13 1
Phil Verville G14 1
Kris Zillmer G15 1
Kevin Evensen G16 6
Tim Vandenack G17 1
Mark Geffers G18 1
John Hobart G19 1
Rob Roberts G20 1
Taylor Arndt G21 1
Craig Kircher G22 1
Debbie Gillingham G23 2
Steve Boellaard G24 2
Justin Peters G25 1
Nicholas Diny R1 1
Wendy Johnson R2 1
Kasey Kolpack R3 1
Lori Flannery R4 1
Dennis Griesbach R5 1
Tom Kiefer R6 1
Phil Kiefer R7 1
Peter Arbeiter R8 2
Jesse Bergner R9 2
Don Pyka R10 1
Nathan Guth R11 2
Andy Guth R12 1
Chris Sivulka R13 1
Chad Roskopf R14 2
Dave Velie R15 1
Anthony Pierre R16 1
Thomas Baehnman R17 2
Terry Kiefer R18 1
Lenny Brandt R19 1
Ernest Bulter R20 1
Norma Krings R21 1
Micah Hibbs R22 1
Dave Krings R23 1
Roger Tomlinson R24 1
William Luedtke R25 2



Questions: Please contact Nicole Guth via email –